My Toledo faux fur by OBSESSION is a trend product that is in line with the living ideas of recent years. Whether furs, natural material selection or motifs from flora and fauna. Lately we like it natural! Why not, if the pleasure of living is vegan and without harming the environment? The patterning of our artificial skins is based on classic animal motifs and therefore comes across as authentic. Whether as a accentuated matching piece, whether casually laid over the chair or as an eye-catcher in front of the bed. You can set yourself up wildly – without a guilty conscience but with a lot of furnishing fantasy! Our selection is varied and ambience-variable. We at OBSESSION are looking forward to seeing the faux fur My Toledo in all possible and impossible places of your own four walls in the future!

No. of qualities 3
Processing: Bi-Color yarn
Sizes: approx. 160×230 | 120×170 | 80×150 | 80×80 | 60×110
Weight: approx. 1600 g/m²
Pile material 100% Polyester
Total height: approx. 22 mm


Regelmäßiges Absaugen mit einem handelsüblichen Staubsauger. Bitte keinen Bürstenstaubsauger verwenden, da er Beschädigungen am Teppich hervorrufen kann. Flecken mit einem feuchten Tuch leicht abtupfen und mit einem Teppichreinigungsmittel aus dem Handel entfernen. Der Teppich darf nicht nass gereinigt werden.