The essence of tradition is its constancy, its familiarity, its self-evidence of what has always been – and that is why it is good. Is it? Today we see it more critically, we are looking more for individuality and our personal expression. And yet we still long for a certain reliability. With the designer rug My Isfahan, we at OBSESSION face this field of tension carefully and without irony. We present classic-oriental richness of motifs in dignified flower symbolism or geometrically well thought-out ornamentation. We have added an exciting structure made of graduated pile heights to this proven expressiveness – so to speak as a tribute to our contemporary feeling of living. This creative freedom of the current 3D living trend enables us to preserve the antiquated and at the same time adapt it to modern furnishing trends. With the design rug My Isfahan we at OBSESSION offer you the possibility to set a new highlight in your home! The extensive palette of rich, finely composed colours offers the right counterpart for every taste. Get this classic in avant-garde interpretation at your leisure!

Artikel: ISFAHAN 742 GREY
Verarbeitung: 3D Effekt
Größen: ca.  200 x 290 . 160 x 230 . 120 x 170 . 80 x 150
Gewicht: ca. 2000 g/m²
Flormaterial: 100% Polyester mit Schrumpfanteil
Gesamthöhe: ca. 15 mm


Regelmäßiges Absaugen mit einem handelsüblichen Staubsauger. Bitte keinen Bürstenstaubsauger verwenden, da er Beschädigungen am Teppich hervorrufen kann. Flecken mit einem feuchten Tuch leicht abtupfen und mit einem Teppichreinigungsmittel aus dem Handel entfernen. Der Teppich darf nicht nass gereinigt werden.